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Typical range for monthly membership to a DPC practice is $50 - $100 a month for an adult, $20 - $40 for a child, if it's more than this then it's likely to be a concierge medicine practice (distinct difference). Prices probably skew to the lower end of the range unless you're in a city like New York, Boston, San Francisco, etc.
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I worked to launch a DPC in Central California that we put on hold. Our planned rates were $79 for an adult. $150 for two adults and one child. Additional children were $10-20. We got good reactions to this pricing from employers and insurance brokers in our pre-launch focus groups. We included visits, standard lab, and RX, as well as 24/7 tele-access. We did a lot of work with Hint Health out of San Francisco. They have good resources on their website ( including a forum like this with DPC's all over the US. Best wishes, JR
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